Thursday, May 15, 2014

Replenish, Renew, Revive

 photo EclaireArtBlog945_zps4f171551.jpg  photo EclaireArtBlog944_zps88764839.jpg  photo EclaireArtBlog943_zpscdb4c381.jpg  photo EclaireArtBlog942_zps5dad4405.jpg  photo EclaireArtBlog941_zps3b8a3ee6.jpg  photo EclaireArtBlog940_zps0123d962.jpg  photo EclaireArtBlog939_zps9e14341a.jpg

A change in season should be celebrated.
Spring is here and the new growth has me bursting with joy!

By the grace of God, I am finally beginning to feel better. I was quite ill for a while and had to step away from so many things. I certainly do not take good health for granted and I am very grateful to be on the mend.

I look forward to returning to this little space and creating again!


  1. I just love to see the beautiful pictures that give us a transparent look into a peaceful life.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment and for stopping by. Mother nature never fails to give me that sense of peace.